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  • Toronto In Home & Virtual Yoga Bios | LateralHealthNetwork

    YOGA INSTRUCTOR BIO'S Karla Jang < Back to Yoga Instructors In-Home & Virtual Yoga Instructor ​ Toronto-Danforth, ON Karla Jang has been moving and dancing since the age of four. Her passion for dance led her to a professional career in Theatre, Film and Television. Drawn to yoga as a way to maintain her physical health, she discovered transformational life skills: how to recover, heal, be healthy and balanced in a new holistic way. Her yoga classes combine the attention to the physical postures and weaves a spiritual awareness to the practice. A commitment to all students to have a safe space to explore their own truths and create greater awareness and understanding. Karla has completed over 400 hours in several yoga teacher trainings. Some of which include Downward Dog teacher training program, Restorative Yoga certification with Octopus Garden Yoga Centre, Shiva Rea Embodying the Flow, Semperviva Yoga Centre Vinyasa Flow and Prenatal Yoga certification with Janice Clarfield. Karla is also certified as a Total Barre instructor through Merrithew Health and Fitness. Work with Karla Lisa Kingsley-Correia < Back to Yoga Instructors In-Studio & Virtual Yoga Instructor ​ Toronto-Dufferin Grove, ON Now more than ever, Lisa Kingsley-Correia knows the importance of, and is passionate about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals so that you can be healthy, strong, fit, and feel awesome! Lisa is a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher (200HR). She graduated with honours and the Dean's Medal for Academic Excellence from George Brown's Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program in 2009. Upon graduation she worked as the Senior Fitness Coach in Downtown Toronto's largest fitness facility at the time. In 2012 she took a half year off to train herself, doing transcontinental cycling trips through Africa and Central America totalling over 14,000km. Upon return she opened her home-based boutique studio in the Dufferin Grove neighbourhood of Toronto, and pursued becoming a yoga teacher to compliment her skill set. Since the pandemic she's been training virtually, outdoors (seasonally), and in-studio (when allowed). Education and Certifications: Certifications & Education: Fitness and Lifestyle Management with Honours and Dean's Medal recipient, George Brown College 2009, CSEP-CPT (2009-2012), CanFitPro PTS and FIS, OFC Platinum Level, YogaFit Training Systems-200HR. Work with Lisa Stacy Pritchard < Back to Yoga Instructors In-Home & Virtual Yoga Instructor ​ Toronto, ON After working office jobs for over 10 years Stacy found her body to start to pay the price. This is when she found yoga. After taking her first class she decided to become a certified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching yoga for over 4 years. While teaching she noticed that many postures were not accessible to all bodies and this led her to discover JOGA and completing her JOGA certification. Stacy most recently became a Certified Personal Trainer and continues to increase her knowledge so she can be a more effective coach to her clients. ​ Stacy has a passion to help people live happier and healthier lives by encouraging them to move their bodies daily. Stacy has seen how important yoga, as well as fitness, is to both her physical and mental health and looks to help educate people so they too can improve their lives Credentials: RYT200 Registered Yoga Teacher, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified JOGA Coach, First Aid & CPR/AED C ​ Current Virtual Yoga Class Schedule: Sunday: Stability 45 min class 9am EST Wednesday: Strength 45 min class 7pm EST Thursday: After Work Yoga 45 min class 6pm EST Friday: Shavasana 45 min class 7pm EST ​ Stacy is also available for private yoga lessons. Work with Stacy Anne Chan < Back to Yoga Instructors In-Home & Virtual Yoga Instructor ​ Toronto, ON Anne Chan is a yoga and meditation teacher and a lifelong student of mindfulness and science based movement practices. Her classes focus on listening to the more subtle sensations of our own unique experiences both internally and externally. Her goal is to honour all bodies and individual abilities while cultivating a connection between mind, breath and body. She left a corporate career after 20 years to become a yoga and meditation teacher and understands the stress and overwhelm that can come with life’s demands. She’s passionate about helping busy people add more mindfulness and movement into their day. ​ Certifications: 200HR RYT, 50HR Yin Yoga Teacher Training, 40HR Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, FRCⓇms - Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, Schwinn Cycling Instructor Certification, First Aid/CPR-C ​ Current Live Virtual Yoga Class Schedule: Sunday - All Levels Flow 60 min class 5:30pm EST Monday - Lunchtime Flow 45 min class 12:00pm EST Monday - Rest & Restore 50 min class 9:30pm EST Wednesday - Core Movement 50 min class 5:00pm EST ​ Private lessons with Anne are also available virtually or in-home. Work with Anne Karen Mckinnon < Back to Yoga Instructors Virtual Yoga Instructor ​ Victoria, BC After 17 years of teaching yoga, Karen Mckinnon loves teaching even more now. She has seen over time the deep value that a mind, body and soul connection brings to ones physical and emotional wellbeing. Her clients have included people with varying yoga interests and physical abilities. She customizes your personalized support with yoga posture, meditation, breath work, mantra and energy work. Karen's combined education with a diploma in Psychotherapy, Reiki Master Certification, and Intuitive Energy Work gives her a holistic approach to your health. Karen will meet you where you are at and together with kindness and dedication be with you on your health journey. Karen has run yoga retreats, teaches privately, public group drop in classes, and online classes. Her education includes a diploma in Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy, Reiki Master Certification, Yoga Teacher Certification and Trainer with Akhanda Yoga, Intuitive Mentorship, Energy Healing and Energy Psychology, Hospice Complimentary Reiki Therapy. Work with Karen

  • Aquatics | LateralHealthNetwork

    AQUATICS INSTRUCTORS To submit your details and have us select for you, click here Cherry Bertrand Swimming Instructor Toronto, ON View Bio and Education Work with Cherry Andrea St Jules Competitive Swim Coach Toronto, ON View Bio and Education Work with Andrea Julia Cabral Pool Rehab & Aquafit Instructor Toronto, ON View Bio and Education Work with Julia

  • Dietitian Bios | LateralHealthNetwork

    DIETITIAN BIOs Britney Rogerson < Back to Dietitians Virtual Registered Dietitian ​ Toronto, ON Britney Rogerson loves food and you probably do too! Britney loves learning to balance good nutrition with the enjoyment of food. As a Registered Dietitian , she helps people achieve health through optimizing nutrition safely and with sound evidence. Her goal is to help empower people to make healthful eating a natural and fun part of their lifestyles. Britneys main practice areas include the nutritional management of: women's health (hormonal imbalances, pre/postnatal, gestational diabetes), type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, digestive disorders and general healthy eating. Britney is able to translate science so that people understand their unique biochemistry, and can develop a lifestyle that is personal and practical, which are very empowering components of her work. She is a size-inclusive practitioner and operates under the model of "health at every size" and loves to incorporate intuitive eating practices into her sessions. Overall, she aims to create a positive and comfortable healing environment. ​ Credentials: RD (Registered Dietitian), MHSc - Nutrition Communication (Masters of Health Science), BASc - Applied Human Nutrition (Bachelor of Applied Science) Work with Britney Rebecca Minshall < Back to Dietitians Virtual Registered Dietitian GTA, ON ​ Rebecca Minshall is a virtual dietitian who focuses on mental health conditions (like depression and anxiety), disordered eating (like binge-eating, food restriction and overcoming harmful effects of diet culture) and digestive concerns (like IBS). She uses a non-judgemental and realistic approach to nutrition to help her clients meet their health goals and better understand the connection between their body, mind and relationship to food. ​ Rebecca has a Master's Degree in Nutrition Communication, a Certificate in Nutritional Psychology and a 100-hour Meditation Teacher Certification. She is working towards her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology, as her goal is to combine psychotherapy with nutritional counseling. ​ Work with Rebecca

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  • Join an online meditation class in Toronto to learn how to properly meditate every day

    Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques that helps in improving the mental well-being of a person. With the advent of the internet, there have been innumerable podcasts, online courses as well as blog posts that tell you how to properly meditate. The main problem with these things is that they are not properly structured. An online meditation class in Toronto can help you to learn how to meditate daily in a structured way. One of the major problems of trying to meditate is people try to do it in the optimal environment where everything is where it should be i.e., in a perfect setup. Although it helps, you don’t need to do meditation in the perfect setup. Just a focused mind can help you practice meditation every day. How to make meditation your daily habit? Meditation is an essential thing, especially for those who suffer from mental or physical health issues. It helps you to have better sleep. So, if you suffer from anxiety, stress, or any other emotional problems then you should try to do meditation. Meditation can be tiresome to do every day or you might lack the motivation to do it. You can make meditation your daily habit by: Starting small: It is important that you start small. If you try many things in a short span of time you will feel overwhelmed at a point in time. Keep it short and sweet. Aim for something doable. Set aside 10-15 minutes for practicing meditation. You can take the help of virtual health practitioners for practicing meditation. Alternatively, you can use mobile apps as well. A convenient time for everyday practice: You have 24 hours at your disposal. You just have to set aside 10 minutes from the whole day to practice meditation. You can practice after waking up, before going to work, or even after coming home. It totally depends on you. An online meditation class in Toronto can guide you to do the best meditation practice. Adding the component of accountability: Having someone to practice with can increase your motivation. You will be accountable to someone regarding daily practice and vice versa. You can be supportive, as well as competitive while practicing. Do not aim for perfection: If you are just starting for the first time or after a long gap you should not pressurize yourself. Don’t focus on being perfect. Hiring virtual health practitioners can help you achieve your daily goals easily. To know more information visit or contact 4168430782

  • Telltale signs when you need the help of online psychotherapy in Mississauga to avoid a meltdown

    Counseling, therapy, or psychotherapy is a technique that helps people cope who are having emotional difficulties or mental health problems. Therapy helps in improving the mental health condition of a person. The reason why people go for psychotherapy is that it lasts longer than medication processes. Also, therapy helps in reducing the symptoms of mental health issues. If you are facing issues like the inability to go to work, anxiety, depression, stress, suicidal tendencies, difficulties in relationships, hospitalization, etc. then you should consider having a session of online psychotherapy in Mississauga. It is extremely difficult for your loved ones to see you go through mental health issues. The daily lives of everyone get affected due to mental health problems. Therefore, go for psychotherapy for treating yourself as fast as possible. Benefits of psychotherapy Psychotherapy can be rewarding if you follow the instructions of the psychotherapist you are consulting. Some of the most rewarding things that psychotherapy helps to achieve are: Discover yourself: One of the main benefits of doing psychotherapy with the help of a virtual health practitioner is that you will learn more about yourself. You will see yourself in a new light. Psychotherapy will help to unearth many things about you that you possibly did not know about yourself. Mending relations: Psychotherapy helps in mending your relationships with your loved ones. You will be able to set clear and proper steps towards healing relations with your friends, family, and partner. Better health: Another benefit of psychotherapy is that all spheres of your life will be healed. You will probably have better physical health along with better emotional health. When should you consider having psychotherapy? Mental health is a pressing issue and you should not ignore it at any cost. Some telltale signs can indicate that you might need some professional help: Anxious/ intrusive thoughts: If your anxiety or worrying makes you feel overwhelmed from time to time or if it takes up a significant portion of your day, then you should consider taking the help of a virtual health practitioner in Mississauga. Hopelessness: Losing motivation or hopelessness can be an indicator of depression. It is difficult to overcome depression alone. You will need some help to overcome that. Apathy: If you are losing interest in the day-to-day activities then it is time when you take the help of online psychotherapy in Mississauga. Social withdrawal: Many people have agoraphobia, and many feel better when they are always alone. If you are a person who fears being in public or in a place where you cannot easily escape then check with a psychotherapist immediately. To know more information visit or contact 4168430782

  • Take yoga classes with the help of an online yoga instructor in the Greater Toronto Area

    In today's day and age, a minimum level of stress and anxiety is common among most people. The problem arises when anxiety goes out of hand and it disrupts one’s life. The uncertainty and insecurity of modern society increase stress as well as anxiousness. These mental health issues amplified during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meditation, yoga, relaxation, breathing techniques, and exercises have been found to reduce stress and anxiety among people who are suffering from mental health issues. An online yoga instructor in Greater Toronto Area will teach you the techniques on how to effectively calm yourself down. Therefore, people are more relying on yoga to get relief from such problems. Yoga helps in reducing mental health issues One of the main benefits of yoga apart from its physical health benefits is that it helps in reducing generalized anxiety disorder GAD. Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD constitutes of inability to relax, excessive tension and taking stress, anticipating disaster, difficulty in concentration, trembling, sweating, etc. This happens due to fight or flight stress response which causes significant changes in your body. Usually, people take medications for treating anxiety that does not necessarily address the situation. CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is another method where it helps to address anxiety but it’s not effective for all. Practicing yoga with the help of an online health practitioner in Greater Toronto Area on the other hand deals with symptoms as well as causes of anxiety. It also aids in strengthening the tools for regulating emotions. GAD can lead a person to automatic reactivity where there is no gap, interval, or even filter for the response. Yoga helps to break the patterns that are responsible for these automatic behaviors. The benefit of practicing yoga is that it helps to augment the self-control of the attention network of the brain. As you learn to harness the thought process and emotional regulation you concomitantly become less reactive to negative thoughts and more sensitive. Practice yoga at home With the help of an online health practitioner, you should start practicing yoga at home. The entire process of yoga is self-care. There is no special equipment required for doing yoga. You can do yoga alone if you have experience otherwise get the help of an online yoga instructor in the Greater Toronto Area for optimizing your mental health. To know more information visit or contact 4168430782

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