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In-Home & Virtual Personal Trainer

Toronto, ON

Romelo Rodriguez is a personal trainer in Toronto, Ontario. He is an honours graduate of the Fitness & Lifestyle Management program at George Brown College in Toronto. In his 12 years in the industry, he has worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach to some of Canada’s top professionals. He has worked in some of Canada’s most elite clubs, including the Granite Club and the Toronto Athletic Club. Romelo has a broad range of fitness expertise including working as a strength coach and weight loss coach, and continues to work alongside physiotherapists and chiropractors in rehabilitating patients and athletes. Currently Romelo works out of the Granite Club and has an in-home and online personal training business based out of Toronto.

Related courses and academics: Fitness & Lifestyle Management Diploma, Business Administration Management Diploma, Muscle Activation Techniques, Resistance Training Specialist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Olympic Lifting & Kettlebell Training Specialist.


Peter Gillin, Corporate Director

"Romelo has been training me for over 10 years. He has been quite successful in thwarting the ravages of time on my aging frame! He is skilled, effective and always makes it entertaining.


Sofia Harquail, Corporate Development

"I’ve been training with Romelo for years, not only do I see a major improvement in my strength, endurance and cardio, but also my mental health. He has helped me set and reach new goals that I never thought were possible, nor could I properly do myself.


Cole Rodness, Real Estate Investment

"Romelo has been an amazing trainer to me for over a decade - accommodating and pushing me towards my fitness goals. His ability to instruct in a friendly and approachable way has helped me gain confidence in keeping up a routine and enjoy working out.

Mark Razon

Mark Razon has over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry, focusing mainly on youth development, as well as national and professional athletes. He believes that in order to be the best you must learn from the best. Mark has had the privilege to mentor under Pete Bommarito of Bommarito Performance Institute. He has worked with Shane Sweatt from the famous Westside Barbell Club, which is highly regarded as the best power-lifting gym in the world, and he has also mentored under Dan Pfaff and Stu McMillan of the renowned speed training facility Altis. Mark is an NCCP trained middle distance coach, a certified Bommarito Performance Systems Coach, and he has his diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. He has an affinity for speed training and for helping athletes become stronger, faster, and more agile all while being able to stay healthy.

Online Weight Management Coach & Programming

Whitby, ON

Sarah Koeslag

Sarah Koeslag has always had an interest in the science of the human body. This is what led her to study Kinesiology and Health sciences at Western University.  At school, Sarah joined the Varsity cheerleading team, where she was immersed into the weightlifting and gym world.  Sarah's knowledge and experience of the human body has continued to expand through her 14 years as a Personal Trainer. She continues to challenge herself in new athletic ventures such as Fitness modelling competitions, nutrition courses and Yoga.

Sarah enjoys training clients for health, performance and training for life. She believes it is important as you begin to establish a new routine to enjoy the process. She provides you with a well rounded, enjoyable fitness plan, full of variety to help build confidence and believe in your capabilities.


Virtual and In Studio Personal Trainer

Orangeville, ON

John Bocti

In-Home, In-Studio & Virtual Personal Trainer

Markham, ON

John Bocti has been a member of the health sciences community since 2007. In college he learned how to assess human movement and create goal centered programs. Throughout his continued education he was involved in undergraduate thesis work, exploring the science of human movement, and how to better maintain and enhance it. From here, while completing his graduate degree, he explored cognitive decline among the older adult population and the underlying effect of this on human health and movement. John is focused on enhancing athletic performance, along with maintaining independence and mobility among the older adult population. His approach to each person is individual, ensuring the appropriate plan is set to help you reach your goals.  

Academics: University of British Colombia - Bachelor of Science - Human Kinetics, Masters of Science - Health and Rehabilitation, George Brown College - Advanced Diploma - Fitness and Lifestyle Management, CSEP-CPT - R.Kin

Sal Crispo

In-Home, In-Studio & Virtual Personal Trainer

Vaughn, ON

Founder of V10 Health and author of ‘One Habit At A Time’, Sal Crispo has established credentials as an educator and expert on holistic health and human performance. Sal’s holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle has helped many people; of all vitality levels, achieve their health and performance objectives.

Sal is a V10 Health Coach who is passionate about helping others. His clients know him as a caring, knowledgeable and dedicated professional. Sal is a father and loves spending time being active with his son. He is also and avid reader and writer. Currently, Sal is working
on his second book where he shares his personal story of struggle and triumph over severe depression.

Academics: CHEK Holistic Lifestyle II, CHEK Practitioner II, Master Power Program Trainer, Sports Nutrition Advisor, Metabolic Typing Advisor

“Sal, not only have you taken me to a whole new level of fitness, you have
changed my life dramatically!

“Sal, you are knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional. Thank you for helping me attain and maintain a healthier and more fit life!

Stephen Johnson

CEO, Choice Properties

Rob Franklin,

Independent Director, Toromont Industries Ltd.

Blair Wilson,

Senior Investment Analyst

"Sal is patient as he listens to you to understand your goals and help you with your weaknesses - physical, mental or spiritual.

Brian Decastro

In-Home & Virtual Personal Trainer

Newmarket, ON

Since graduating from George Brown College, Fitness and Lifestyle Management program in 99’, Brian DeCastro has been active in the fitness industry working through many sectors in the field for over 20 years.


Brian brings a blended approach to his coaching and support services. He helps his clients organically integrate tools and habits into their existing lifestyle to create programming that is realistic, sustainable and brings lasting results.

Services: Private Health and Lifestyle Coaching, Small Group Coaching, Remote Reiki Clearing, Corporate Webinars

EducationDiploma in Fitness & Lifestyle Management at George Brown College, Reiki Master, Lev 3, Certified Level 2 Exercise Practitioner, CHEK Institute. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 CHEK Institute. SPI Level 2 Personal Trainer for Sports, SPI Level 1 Personal Trainer, General Population, PPS Program Session #1, Establishing Your Legacy, CHEK Institute. PPS Program Session #2, Mastering Self, CHEK institute. Awakening the Coach Within (Life Coaching Intensive), Masters of Movement, California. Agatsu Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Level 2 Coaches Prep, Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting, Crossfit Powerlifting, Crossfit Gymnastics, Crossfit Mobility, Crossfit Endurance

Keagan Campbell

In-Home & Virtual Personal Trainer

Toronto, ON

You’ll never be at your best if your foundation isn’t at it’s best – there’s no way around that fact. That is the guiding principal behind Keagan Campbell's training style – mastery of your goals through the mastery of your fundamentals. Being at your strongest, leanest or fastest is a simple task when your resting, eating, supplementing, and working out the right muscles the right way, and the knowledge of how to do that is what Keagan brings to all of his clients with his unique holistic approach to personal training. His programs are an amalgamation of everything he’s learned and experience since he started in 2009, and this “attack on all fronts” style is what has allowed his clients to continue seeing amazing progress, even without access to a gym!


Most importantly, he makes it his personal mission to make sure you know you’re in the care of someone who’ll take all the time necessary to understand your goals, your needs, and you as a person to find the most suitable and effective approach to your programs. Start with him today to find out why his clients speak so highly of his services!

Credentials: CanFit Pro Trainer 2009, Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist 2018, Pregnancy Fitness Certificate 2019, Precision Nutrition Lvl1 Coach 2020



“I saw immediate results and after a few months, I lost a few inches and gained a boost to help me feel good in my jeans again. Don’t think twice: If you’re looking for a personal trainer, he’s your man!

“Since working with Keagan, I have more leg strength, less leg pain, a stronger core, and better balance. This retiree is thrilled with the results and would highly recommend Keagan to anyone.


“He helped me lose 10 pounds of fat, gain 10 pounds of muscle, and taught me a lot about fitness and nutrition. I couldn't recommend Keagan more highly as a personal trainer.

Lindsay Saye

In-Studio & Virtual Personal Trainer

Toronto-Danforth, ON

Lindsay Saye is a Certified Personal Trainer based out of Toronto, Ontario specifically in the East End/Beaches area. After graduating the Fitness and Lifestyle management Program with honours and becoming a certified CSEP-CPT, she immediately started working in the fitness industry training clients in home. She’s been working in the fitness industry for 12 years now, and owns a fitness studio in Toronto. Recently she has opened up her business to virtual personal training as well. Lindsay’s energy & enthusiasm rubs off on everyone around her, and her passion for helping people reach their goals, feel amazing in their own skin, and pushing themselves to new limits in unmistakable. Her experience with Strength Training, weight loss/weight management & Kettlebell coaching has opened her up to a wide variety of programming opportunities for her current and future clients, keeping things new, fresh and exciting. 

Education: Fitness and Lifestyle Management Diploma w/ Honours, Certified CSEP-CPT, Kettlebell Coach Certification, Pre- & Postnatal Coach Certification (Pending, In progress)

Dave Hurdle

In-Studio & Virtual Personal Trainer

Toronto, ON

Dave Hurdle has been a certified fitness expert for over 20 years.  He currently works as a personal trainer at Toronto's premiere fitness facility, the Granite Club.  Prior to that, David was Personal Training Manager at The Sports Clubs of Canada’s Dunfield Club and The Bloor Valley Club.   He believes that along with exercise, a combination of wellness strategies is the best way to achieve a healthy body, mind, and soul.  As such, David incorporates exercise, nutrition, and holistic lifestyle coaching to improve his client’s fitness, health and overall well-being.  He excels at injury rehabilitation/prevention and has a passion for helping people relieve their pain keeping them fit and functional.  David has over 12 years of meditation practice and enjoys teaching his clients mindfulness providing them with the necessary tools to strengthen their own mind-body connection.  His interests include weight training, hiking, canoeing, biking, golf, and meditation.  With his many years of experience, David brings a wealth of knowledge educating his clients so they can make the best lifestyle choices possible.  


Credentials:  Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist; Holistic Lifestyle Coach; Diploma, with Honours, in Fitness and Lifestyle Management (George Brown College); Diploma, with Honours, in Holistic Nutrition (Institute of Holistic Nutrition); Certified Nutritional Practitioner;

Neuromuscular Therapy.

Amit Tiwary

In-Home & Virtual Personal Trainer

Toronto, ON

Amit Tiwary first broke into the industry sharpening his skills working for Equinox Healthclub in Toronto. Amit has since continued to grow within the industry and became a Certified Nutrition Coach in addition to being a Strength & Conditioning Specialist with experience in both Online Virtual Training as well as In-Home. With over 7 years experience in the industry, Amit has worked with a broad range of clientele at all different fitness levels who are athletes, seniors, CEOs, new and expectant mothers, as well as clients in rehabilitation.

Amit is a big advocate of training with purpose - holding his clients accountable all the way through while being results focused. He believes without consistency and intensity as key components in your workouts, you will not achieve your true potential.

Clients say that they feel so comfortable training with Amit and that they are never shy opening up. Amit does his best to not only motivate but also to make sessions fun and exciting! Afterall, training should be more than just a workout. Clients are also amazed of the quality and intensity of Amit's Virtual Sessions. "It's just as intense as being in person... He doesn't let you take the foot off the gas, while ensuring your safety at the same time!"

Credentials: NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist(CSCS), Precision Nutrition (PN1), Pre/Post Natal Fitness, Kettlebell Athletics, Functional Movement Systems(FMS), TriggerPoint Therapy

Lisa Kingsley-Correia

Lisa KC

In-Studio & Virtual Personal Trainer

Toronto-Dufferin Grove, ON

Now more than ever, Lisa Kingsley-Correia knows the importance of, and is passionate about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals so that you can be healthy, strong, fit, and feel awesome! Lisa is a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher (200HR). She graduated with honours and the Dean's Medal for Academic Excellence from George Brown's Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program in 2009. Upon graduation she worked as the Senior Fitness Coach in Downtown Toronto's largest fitness facility at the time. In 2012 she took a half year off to train herself, doing transcontinental cycling trips through Africa and Central America totalling over 14,000km. Upon return she opened her home-based boutique studio in the Dufferin Grove neighbourhood of Toronto, and pursued becoming a yoga teacher to compliment her skill set. Since the pandemic she's been training virtually, outdoors (seasonally), and in-studio (when allowed).


Education and Certifications: Certifications & Education: Fitness and Lifestyle Management with Honours and Dean's Medal recipient, George Brown College 2009, CSEP-CPT (2009-2012), CanFitPro PTS and FIS, OFC Platinum Level, YogaFit Training Systems-200HR.

Julie Thom

In-Studio, In-Home & Virtual Personal Trainer

Barrie, ON

Julie Thom is a holistic health and movement specialist. She has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years and is the owner of FItomize. She is a mother, a coach, a trainer, a motivator, and an educator. She loves to be in nature especially barefoot. 


Over the last 27 years, Julie has assembled an impressive list of training and education; including a Bachelors in Kinesiology, a Master in Human Kinetics, 2 years of courses completed towards a PhD in Philosophy of Sport along with over 20 different certifications in the health and fitness industry from spinning instructor, to corrective movement, to yoga, to nutrition, to strength training, to neuro training  and more. Julie offers a unique approach to how to help you achieve your goals. 


Julie specializes in working with people improve how they move and feel day to day by using an inclusive combination of training styles including myofascial release, mobility, rehabilitation and restorative programming. 


Julie has worked with hundreds of different people in a variety of settings and backgrounds and she understands that there is not a 1 size fits all type of workout just like dieting. Julie offers you the opportunity to learn and adopt the best way for you to optimize your life. 


Optimize Your Humanness One Movement at a Time!



"I have been exercising with Julie from home via Zoom for years. Julie keeps me moving through all sorts of physical challenges. I would have given up workouts long ago if it weren't for Julie's creativity and flexibility.

"I have been seeing Julie for the past three years. Before I started seeing Julie, I would see the chiropractor once a week, I would have massages 2-3 times a month and would still be constantly living in pain. I see Julie once a week and no longer need a chiropractor or massage therapist (but who WANTS to stop getting massages?!) and I can move freely.


Julie is SO much more than a personal trainer! She's a movement and wellness specialist with so much knowledge. Since I have been seeing her, my low back pain has vanished - and if I do something where it creeps back in - she can see exactly what the issue is and in less than one session completely eliminates my pain through a series of moves.

Stephen Wu

In-Home & Virtual Personal Trainer

Toronto/Markham, ON

Stephen Wu is a Personal Trainer who helps people of all ages achieve their fitness goals. He believes that everyone should have an opportunity to exercise safely from the start. Stephen was first certfied as a personal trainer in 2005 and his passion for helping people, along with his love for exercise has helped him continue this journey. He understands that every individual learns differently and wants to mould fitness beginners into self-motivators.

Stephen completed his B. Ed and B.A. in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University. He is constantly gaining fitness knowledge through readings, as well as stepping out of his comfort zone for new experiences. Stephen currently works as an online coach and in-studio based out of Markham and Toronto.

Credentials: York University – Bachelor Kinesiology, Bachelor Education (Physical Education), Seneca College – Recreation and Leisure Services, CPTN-CPT

David Maughn

In-Home & Virtual Personal Trainer

Toronto, ON

David Maughn has over 15 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industry.  He is a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Coach and Qualified Instructor for multiple disciplines and continues to increase his knowledge base and education to assist those in need.  He has worked in various capacities from an In-Class Curriculum Instructor for aspiring Personal Trainers, a Fitness Coach and a Group Training Instructor for both adults and children. 


David has a passion for assisting others to achieve their goals. He has worked with people from all walks of life, from children to performance athletes.  His enthusiasm translates into well - designed programs to keep you focused, encouraged  and building confidence in your abilities. 


Davids' love for Health and Fitness continues to evolve and dedication to assist and educate others on their journey is the constant that continues to be the driving force behind his passion for this profession.   Davids' enthusiasm will keep your training challenging, interesting and exciting.   David stands behind his core belief: It's always people, purpose, passion and persistence.


Education: Seneca College Fitness Leadership Certification Program - CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist -TRX Suspension Trainer Qualified Instructor - TRX Suspension Trainer Qualified TEAM Instructor - Twist Sport Conditioning Coach -  DTS Kettlebell Fundamentals (Online) - Jump Rope Instructor 

Dilpreet Bhattal
dsc_5745-edit 2_edited.jpg

In-Home & Virtual Personal Trainer

Toronto, ON

Dilpreet Bhattal has a passion to help women discover their deepest strengths and get
healthier. She is a certified personal trainer in Toronto, Ontario and runs an online fitness
coaching business. Her love for sports had led her to studying Kinesiology at the University of Winnipeg, graduated with a BSc. in Exercise Science and got certified with the Canadian
Kinesiology Alliance. In her 10 years in the industry, Dilpreet has worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach, specializing in strength and weight loss, helping 100s of lifestyle clients to increase the quality of their lives.

Dilpreet believes that the fitness journey is a marathon and not a sprint; you should enjoy the journey, which in turn will lead to improved mental clarity, strength, energy, sleep, confidence and more.

Credentials: BSc Exercise Science - University of Winnipeg, Nutrition Specialist & Glute Training Specialist.

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