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 We bring health practitioners

of the highest industry standards to your doorstep.

Renew yourself
with us today

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, LHN brings health practitioners of the highest industry standards to your laptop, to provide you with the service you need, without you ever having to leave home.

We help you achieve your optimal health by connecting you with a network of health practitioners from different fields, offering holistic care to meet all your needs.


Peter Gillin,
Corporate Director

"Romelo has been training me for over 10 years. He has been quite successful in thwarting the ravages of time on my aging frame! He is skilled, effective and always makes it entertaining.


Sofia Harquail,
Corporate Development

"I’ve been training with Romelo for years, not only do I see a major improvement in my strength, endurance and cardio, but also my mental health. He has helped me set and reach new goals that I never thought were possible, nor could I properly do myself.


Cole Rodness, Real Estate Investment

"Romelo has been an amazing trainer to me for over a decade - accommodating and pushing me towards my fitness goals. His ability to instruct in a friendly and approachable way has helped me gain confidence in keeping up a routine and enjoy working out.


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