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Take the help of a virtual health practitioner in Durham for online yoga classes

Updated: May 27, 2022

online yoga instructor  in Durham

21% of Canadians have been found to practice yoga. Out of these people, 72% of them are female. Therefore, a considerable amount of men do not practice yoga. As more men are busy due to their employment and the unhealthy lifestyle they lead, the number of men practicing yoga is less. Because men have less time on their hands, there is a need for an online yoga instructor.

Why take online yoga classes

Practicing yoga regularly has several advantages such as it increases balance and flexibility along with strength. People who practice yoga have been found to have greater immunity power. Yoga helps you to relax and it also helps you to have better sleep. There are several benefits of taking online yoga classes. Some of these are:

  1. You can attend online yoga classes from anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you are traveling or in another location, you can still attend your yoga classes.

  2. Online yoga classes aid in learning new poses, new styles, and approaches in comparison to a normal local studio.

  3. As the classes are online, it will be less intimidating if you are new to yoga. There will be no anxiety as you will do classes from the convenience of your home.

  4. You can choose the best virtual health practitioner in Durham for your online yoga classes. There are a plethora of options and you can opt based on your preference.

Lateral Health Network

Lateral Health Network is the best service provider of online health classes. The company is based in Toronto and they will provide you with a top-quality virtual health practitioner in Durham for your need. The company provides different kinds of services as per your requirements such as Pilates, kinesiology, personal training, meditation, nutrition, group exercises, breathing classes, psychotherapy, functional stretch therapy, naturopathy, dietitian services, athletic therapy, etc. The company will provide you with holistic care so that you reach an optimal level of health. LHN can provide you with an online yoga instructor in Durham for your yoga needs.

Why choose LHN for online yoga classes?

LHN has some of the best health practitioners in Canada. Choose LHN for your online yoga classes because:

  • Online yoga classes provided by LHN are cost-effective. It is not only cheaper than offline classes, but it also saves time, energy, and transportation costs.

  • Based on your convenience you can choose the timing of your classes. Therefore, you don’t have to adjust your time.

  • The instructors of LHN integrate physical postures with spiritual awareness for creating a greater level of understanding. Hence, you will feel mentally and physically fit.

  • The instructors try to create harmony between the body, mind, and breath. Therefore, a connection between these three is cultivated which will help you to feel elevated in terms of body and mind.

For more information visit or contact at 4168430782


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