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Discover and learn about the various types of meditation with the help of online health practitioner

online meditation classes in Toronto

People in Canada especially in Toronto are going for meditation as they are becoming aware of the health benefits it brings. The lockdown due to COVID-19 has made people shift from offline to online meditation classes. They are opting for online health practitioners in Toronto that will help them to practice different types of meditation.

The various types of meditation

Noting: Noting helps to unearth what is distracting your mind so much that you forget the awareness of breathing. Through noting, the thought is ‘noted’ for the restoration of awareness. This method helps in letting go of things, relations, etc., and reveals your thought patterns.

Transcendental meditation: In this type of meditation, a personally assigned mantra is repeated in a particular manner. This should be practiced while your eyes are closed. Transcendental meditation will help in attaining an insightful state of rest to achieve inner peace without breaking a sweat.

Focused attention: It is one of the most common types of meditation. The main focus of this type of meditation is to focus on the breathing technique for anchoring the mind. It also aids in maintaining awareness.

Yoga meditation: There are different styles of doing yoga. All of the yoga exercises include performing several postures as well as regulated exercises of breathing. Yoga increases the flexibility of the body and helps to calm the mind. Balance and concentration are extremely important for yoga meditation.

Visualization meditation: Through this technique, an image is created in the mind that will evoke a specific emotion. Visualization meditation helps in a positive, powerful, and personal transformation through tapping on the creative paradigm of the mind. Inherent qualities such as wisdom, kindness, etc. are cultivated through practicing visualization meditation.

Reflection: This is a unique technique of meditation as in this type you will get to question yourself. Through reflection, you will be aware of the emotions that you have in mind and not the thoughts when you question yourself.

Introducing Lateral Health Network

Lateral Health Network provides the best online health practitioners in Toronto. They also provide in-home health practitioners if you need any. The company has a gamut of services that ranges from personal training, yoga, Pilates, nutrition, kinesiology, swimming/ aquatics, psychotherapy, breathing classes, functional stretch therapy, dietitian services, etc. They will provide you with the best online meditation classes in Toronto so that you reach your optimal health in no time.

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