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Choose an online health practitioner in Barrie immediately for your health-related needs

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

As the decade passes, Canadians are becoming more and more health concerned. Especially during and after the effects of the corona pandemic the people in Barrie have understood the importance of mental and physical health. The people in Barrie are preferring to go for online health practitioners instead of offline health practitioners. The need for their yoga classes, kinesiology, meditation, FST, psychotherapy, etc. is being fulfilled online through virtual health practitioners.

online dietitian in Barrie

Introducing Lateral Health Network

Lateral Health Network is a service provider for health practitioners. If you need a health practitioner you can contact LHN. The company can provide you with an in-home or an online health practitioner in Barrie as per your need. The company is based in Toronto, Ontario, and provides you with health practitioners of the highest standard.

Services provided by Lateral Health Network

The company has several services that they provide. Some of the main services that they provide are:

  1. Personal training: The personal trainers of LHN have years of experience. They not only act as personal trainers but also as your fitness coach. They can aid you in speed training. If you are an athlete they will bring out the best in you by making you faster, stronger, and improving your reflexes.

  2. Yoga: The yoga instructors will provide you with transformational skills for life. They will help you to heal, recover and be healthy. You will attain your health goals through their holistic approach. The online health practitioner in Barrie will make sure that there is a connection between your mind, body, and breathing.

  3. Pilates: The Pilates instructors will help you to train in proper alignment. They will help you to create an equilibrium between strength and agility. The instructors believe in an intuitive movement that will help you in gaining optimal health.

  4. Psychotherapy: LHN always has your back when you need some mental health support. They will provide you with counseling that will help in your personal growth. By taking a holistic embodied approach

  5. Dietitian services: The registered dietitians of LHN will help you to attain optimal health by optimizing the nutritional balance that is best for you. They will provide you with nutritional safety that has sound evidence. The online dietitian in Barrie will aid you in addressing disordered eating, digestive concerns, etc. The dietitian will help you to understand the relation of body, mind, and soul with food.

Apart from these services they also provide breathing classes as well as meditation classes, functional stretch therapy, registered in-home massage therapy, athletic therapy, kinesiology, naturopathy, etc.

Why hire them?

  • LHN will provide you with the best online dietitian, psychotherapist, personal trainer, Pilates instructor whatever you need.

  • You will be able to book their appointment at your convenience. You will be able to schedule the timing of your class.

  • You can choose whether you want individual sessions or group sessions based on your need.

  • Doing an online session will help you to save time along with energy and money.

  • The health practitioners use a non-judgmental approach so you can speak freely and talk about any issue you have regarding your mental or physical health.

For more information visit or contact at 4168430782

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