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Lisa MacLatchy Naprawa


In-Home & Virtual Classical Pilates

Toronto, ON

Lisa MacLatchy Naprawa is a certified Classical Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer and Older Adult Specialist. She has been helping her clients improve their cardio, flexibility and strengthen their bodies, in their homes (and now on-line), since 2009. Lisa is a graduate of Western University, with additional business certifications from the University of Toronto. She focuses on the body in front of her, whether her client is an athletic youth, a body working their way through rehab or an actively aging senior. She is constantly challenging her client’s body to work in proper alignment and balance to build agility and strength. Lisa will work with whatever equipment is available at her client’s home from a mat, a ball, a fitness circle, weights, to the Classical Pilates equipment including but not limited to the Cadillac, reformer, tower, barrels, tall, short and wunda chairs.

She is available to teach privately, small groups, couples or Pilates Classes as well.

Julianne Taskey

In-Home & Virtual Pilates

Toronto, ON

Julianne Taskey is a Toronto-based pilates instructor specialized in a strength-based approach that caters to individuals with a wide range of fitness abilities and training needs. A reformed corporate executive with a sharp sense of professionalism, Julianne values  the role of physical fitness as a source of holistic wellbeing and strives to help her clients incorporate more movement into their daily lives. Be it a one-time intro session or an intensive personal training plan, Julianne’s flexible program options offer an exceptional wellness experience that instils confidence while also sparking joy.

Neve McKee

Virtual Pilates Instructor

Toronto, ON

Neve McKee has been teaching movement, specifically Pilates, for 9 years now. She grew up competing in dance, swimming and track & field. Neve graduated from the University of Toronto With a degree in Kinesiology and then completed her STOTT Pilates certification. Neve is a wife and mother to 2 beautiful kids and 2 fur babies. Her focus is on moving with precision and control as she believes that it is intuitive movement that will bring you results.

Credentials: University of Toronto - Kinesiology Degree, Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor

Julia Cabral

Virtual & In-Studio Authentic Pilates Instructor

Toronto, ON

Julia Cabral believes in the philosophy ‘the greatest wealth is health’. Our quality and enjoyment of life depends more on health than any other factor. Julia wants to bring people closer to their ideal health through mindful movement; helping people achieve their best selves. She believes it requires both physical and mental focus. Julia’s been a part of the Toronto fitness community for 30 years. Over her career she has honed 

her multifaceted teaching skills into two specialized areas. She is a highly regarded CALA certified aqua fitness teacher as well as a fully certified ‘New York Pilates Studio’ and ‘Authentic Pilates Canada’ teacher. With a wealth of experience in these areas she helps clients with aquatic post rehab, joint replacement, arthritic conditions, general injuries, aqua running, general aquatic personal training and comprehensive Pilates training. She is currently working out of the Granite Club both in aquatics as well as Pilates. She has a Gratz equipped home studio and on-line business. Julia is enthusiastic about helping others reach their fitness goals.

Credentials: Life Saving Society , Standard First Aid, CPR, Airway Management. CALA Canadian Aquatitness Leaders Alliance, related certificates: Aquatic Post Rehabilitation, Aqua Arthritis, Joint Disorders, Aquatic Barré, Water Running

The New York Pilates Studio and Authentic Pilates Canada, related certificates: 3D Pilates Spinal Symmetry, Pilates and Parkinson’s, The Pilates Source- Anatomy and Webinar Series

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