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Thank you very much for recommending great practitioners to LHN!

Step 1) Please proceed by highlighting & copying the email body message found below. 


Step 2) After clicking the link found below this step, an email will be generated on your behalf. Please add all of the email addresses you would like to invite to the 'cc' field. Simply paste the body of the email and hit send!



Hi everyone!


I wanted to email you and let you know about a new platform that I will be joining! It is called the Lateral Health Network(LHN). LHN is a website found at, and it is a platform of great health practitioners across the GTA that provide in-home (post covid) and virtual health services.


LHN is built for health practitioners by a health practitioner and encourages the networking of different services to help our clients get to their optimal health! Now more than ever, our clients not only look to us for the service we provide, but look to us to facilitate any health services that would help them obtain their best health possible. LHN allows us to show our clients, that we are part of a multidisciplinary team where we have everything they will ever need in one spot.


I will be a part of this great network soon and I wanted to let you know so that you can meet with LHN and discuss joining as well! Please let me know if I can pass on your email address or email my colleague Romelo directly at


Thanks everyone and have a good day!

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