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Britney Rogerson


Virtual Registered Dietitian

Toronto, ON

Britney Rogerson loves food and you probably do too! Britney loves learning to balance good nutrition with the enjoyment of food. As a Registered Dietitian, she helps people achieve health through optimizing nutrition safely and with sound evidence. Her goal is to help empower people to make healthful eating a natural and fun part of their lifestyles. 

Britneys main practice areas include the nutritional management of: women's health (hormonal imbalances, pre/postnatal, gestational diabetes), type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, digestive disorders and general healthy eating. 


Britney is able to translate science so that people understand their unique biochemistry, and can develop a lifestyle that is personal and practical, which are very empowering components of her work. She is a size-inclusive practitioner and operates under the model of "health at every size" and loves to incorporate intuitive eating practices into her sessions. Overall, she aims to create a positive and comfortable healing environment.

Credentials: RD (Registered Dietitian), MHSc - Nutrition Communication (Masters of Health Science), BASc - Applied Human Nutrition (Bachelor of Applied Science) 

Rebecca Minshall

Rebecca Minshall

Virtual Registered Dietitian


Rebecca Minshall is a virtual dietitian who focuses on mental health conditions (like depression and anxiety), disordered eating (like binge-eating, food restriction and overcoming harmful effects of diet culture) and digestive concerns (like IBS). She uses a non-judgemental and realistic approach to nutrition to help her clients meet their health goals and better understand the connection between their body, mind and relationship to food. 

Rebecca has a Master's Degree in Nutrition Communication, a Certificate in Nutritional Psychology and a 100-hour Meditation Teacher Certification. She is working towards her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology, as her goal is to combine psychotherapy with nutritional counseling.


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