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Virtual & In Person Group Exercise

Toronto, ON

Karine Bohme has been working in the fitness industry for 35 years. With her BSc degree inHuman Biology from U of T and numerous certifications in Personal Training and GroupExercise, she has worked for many top fitness facilities in Toronto, including The Granite Club, Cricket Club and York University. She is a published author of “The Silent Thief” about exercise benefits to combat Osteoporosis. She is available to teach, design, or create recorded classes for small groups as well.

Virtual Class Schedule: 

Monday & Thursday: Fusion 50 min class 6:30am EST

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Weekends: Fusion 50min class 8:30am EST

Tuesday: GentleFit 50min class 11:15am EST  - Mature participants: Bone Density, Balance & Agility

*Fusion Class Includes a combination of HIIT, Tabata, Range of Motion, Pyramid Conditioning & Stretch & Core.



Lindsay Saye

Virtual & In Studio Group Workout Coach

Toronto-Danforth, ON

Lindsay Saye has been a group exercise instructor since 2007, with experience teaching large group fitness classes at York University, as well as Small Private group training out of her own fitness facility in the east end of Toronto. Recently she has shifted her business to virtual group training and offers a variety of classes Monday-Saturday for small and large groups. She specializes in Strength & HIIT training to help her clients improve on their overall strength, cardiovascular health, core stability and mobility. Lindsay’s ability to coach her group clients through proper form and technique while keeping the intensity up, gives her classes the feel of personal training with the motivation, determination and fun of a group setting. Lindsay brings energy and enthusiasm to every workout, and really makes you feel like you’re a part of a community.  

Virtual Class Schedule:

Tuesday: Full Body Strength & HIIT 50 min class 6am EST

Thursday: Full Body Strength & HIIT 50 min class 6am EST

Saturday: Full Body Strength & HIIT 50 min class 8am EST


Stacy Pritchard

In-Home & Virtual Yoga Instructor

Toronto, ON

After working office jobs for over 10 years Stacy found her body to start to pay the price. This is when she found yoga. After taking her first class she decided to become a certified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching yoga for over 4 years. While teaching she noticed that many postures were not accessible to all bodies and this led her to discover JOGA and completing her JOGA certification. Stacy most recently became a Certified Personal Trainer and continues to increase her knowledge so she can be a more effective coach to her clients. 

Stacy has a passion to help people live happier and healthier lives by encouraging them to move their bodies daily.  Stacy has seen how important yoga, as well as fitness, is to both her physical and mental health and looks to help educate people so they too can improve their lives


Credentials: RYT200 Registered Yoga Teacher, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified JOGA Coach, First Aid & CPR/AED C

Virtual Class Schedule: 

Sunday: Stability 45 min class 9am EST

Wednesday: Strength 45 min class 7pm EST

Thursday: After Work Yoga 45 min class 6pm EST

Friday: Shavasana 45 min class 7pm EST


Anne Chan

In-Home & Virtual Yoga Instructor

Toronto, ON

Anne Chan is a yoga and meditation teacher and a lifelong student of mindfulness and science based movement practices. Her classes focus on listening to the more subtle sensations of our own unique experiences both internally and externally. Her goal is to honour all bodies and individual abilities while cultivating a connection between mind, breath and body. She left a corporate career after 20 years to become a yoga and meditation teacher and understands the stress and overwhelm that can come with life’s demands. She’s passionate about helping busy people add more mindfulness and movement into their day.

Certifications: 200HR RYT, 50HR Yin Yoga Teacher Training, 40HR Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, FRCⓇms - Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, Schwinn Cycling Instructor Certification, First Aid/CPR-C

Virtual Class Schedule:

Sunday - All Levels Flow 60 min class 5:30pm EST 

Monday - Lunchtime Flow 45 min class 12:00pm EST

Monday - Rest & Restore 50 min class 9:30pm EST

Wednesday - Core Movement 50 min class 5:00pm EST


Karen Mckinnon

Virtual Yoga Instructor

Victoria, BC

After 17 years of teaching yoga, Karen Mckinnon loves teaching even more now.  She has seen over time the deep value that a mind, body and soul connection brings to ones physical and emotional wellbeing.  Her clients have included people with varying yoga interests and physical abilities.  She customizes your personalized support with yoga posture, meditation, breath work, mantra and energy work.  Karen's combined education with a diploma in Psychotherapy, Reiki Master Certification, and Intuitive Energy Mentorship, Hospice Complimentary Reiki Therapy,  gives her a holistic approach to your health.  Karen will meet you where you are at and together with kindness and dedication be with you for your health goals.  Karen has run yoga retreats, teaches privately, public group drop in classes, and online classes. 

Virtual Class Schedule: 

Tuesday: 5:30pm EST

Julia Cabral

Virtual & In-Studio Authentic Pilates Instructor

Toronto, ON

Julia Cabral believes in the philosophy ‘the greatest wealth is health’. Our quality and enjoyment of life depends more on health than any other factor. Julia wants to bring people closer to their ideal health through mindful movement; helping people achieve their best selves. She believes it requires both physical and mental focus. Julia’s been a part of the Toronto fitness community for 30 years. Over her career she has honed 

her multifaceted teaching skills into two specialized areas. She is a highly regarded CALA certified aqua fitness teacher as well as a fully certified ‘New York Pilates Studio’ and ‘Authentic Pilates Canada’ teacher. With a wealth of experience in these areas she helps clients with aquatic post rehab, joint replacement, arthritic conditions, general injuries, aqua running, general aquatic personal training and comprehensive Pilates training. She is currently working out of the Granite Club both in aquatics as well as Pilates. She has a Gratz equipped home studio and on-line business. Julia is enthusiastic about helping others reach their fitness goals.

Credentials: Life Saving Society , Standard First Aid, CPR, Airway Management. CALA Canadian Aquatitness Leaders Alliance, related certificates: Aquatic Post Rehabilitation, Aqua Arthritis, Joint Disorders, Aquatic Barré, Water Running

The New York Pilates Studio and Authentic Pilates Canada, related certificates: 3D Pilates Spinal Symmetry, Pilates and Parkinson’s, The Pilates Source- Anatomy and Webinar Series

Virtual Class Schedule:

Monday - Intermediate Mat Pilates 9:00am EST

Tuesday - Basic Mat Progressions 9:15am EST

Thursday - Basic Mat Progressions 9:15am EST

Saturday - Intermediate Mat Pilates 9:00am EST


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