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Virtual Nutritionist

Vaughn, ON

Founder of V10 Health and author of ‘One Habit At A Time’, Sal Crispo has established credentials as an educator and expert on holistic health and human performance. Sal’s holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle has helped many people; of all vitality levels, achieve their health and performance objectives.

Sal is a V10 Health Coach who is passionate about helping others. His clients know him as a caring, knowledgeable and dedicated professional. Sal is a father and loves spending time being active with his son. He is also and avid reader and writer. Currently, Sal is working
on his second book where he shares his personal story of struggle and triumph over severe depression.

Academics: CHEK Holistic Lifestyle II, CHEK Practitioner II, Master Power Program Trainer, Sports Nutrition Advisor, Metabolic Typing Advisor

“Sal, not only have you taken me to a whole new level of fitness, you have
changed my life dramatically!

“Sal, you are knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional. Thank you for helping me attain and maintain a healthier and more fit life!

Stephen Johnson

CEO, Choice Properties

Rob Franklin,

Independent Director, Toromont Industries Ltd.

Blair Wilson,

Senior Investment Analyst

"Sal is patient as he listens to you to understand your goals and help you with your weaknesses - physical, mental or spiritual."

Mackenzie Manning

Mackenzie Manning

Virtual Nutritionist

Toronto, ON

Mackenzie Manning is a former CIS hockey player and expert in Nutrition for athletes and the every day person! She is the Founder of Organically Athletic; Fitness and Nutrition for Athletes and all as well as the host of "Buckets & Gloves" Podcast sharing all things from nutrition, fitness, and a healthy mindset. She strives in helping her clients change their lifestyles, using lasting approaches to total wellness. Mackenzie's goal is to educate her clients to be able to understand Nutrition and how it works for their individual needs. 


She is passionate about changing her clients outlook on Nutrition and getting away from that "Diet Culture". She is a plant-based eater herself and has lots of great tools on making the transition to a plant-based diet if you ever thought about making the leap! In her spare time, you can find Mackenzie playing hockey, soccer, or running with her two rescue dogs George and Butternut. They sometimes make appearances on Virtual Meetings. 


Academics: BASc. Nutrition & Food, Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma, Personal Training Specialist; Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. s Nutrition Advisor, Metabolic Typing Advisor

Sabrina Virdee

Virtual Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Toronto, ON

With a strong belief that our relationship with food goes beyond filling our bellies and breaking sweat, Sabrina will help you become a stronger, healthier you! Through her personal experience with digestive and immune issues, Sabrina has learned that every patient is different; there isn’t a one-size-fits-all regimen for getting you feeling your best. 

Expect Sabrina to get down to the nitty-gritty of your lifestyle, and then give you the tools, resources and support you need to get you feeling your best with a kick-butt plan that gets you on the right path to a never-ending holistic lifestyle. Specializing in pre and post natal care and family health, Sabrina knows first hand how demanding the days can be and she looks forward to helping parents and families stay healthy, feel happy and be well.

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